ARES Kansas

What Is ARES...

ARES is an acronym for Amateur Radio Emergency Service, a public service of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League), the United States' national association of amateur radio operators. ARES KANSAS is one of many state, county, and city ARES organizations throughout the United States.

  • ARES is an all volunteer organization which provides auxiliary radio communications without charge to:

    • government agencies during times of emergency, including hurricanes, earthquakes, and forest fires

    • other organizations active in emergencies, such as hospitals or the American Red Cross

    • other groups running festivals, parades, fund raising events and similar community or public service events.

  • ARES can provide essential communications when:

    • telephone and cellular systems, or an agency's regular radio systems, are disrupted or overloaded

    • communications are needed at spots where telephone lines and cell coverage are not possible.

  • ARES operators can establish communications at any location, with or without commercial electrical service, using special amateur radio equipment and frequencies granted by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).